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About Us

HDMI Events holds capital resource of more than 20 years of experience in the industry and is more than equipped to execute various events needs.
We specializes on venue finding and event management for corporates.
We also assists with sourcing other services, for example teambuilding, project management, event strategies and corporate gifts.

We provide a hassle free accommodation reservation and conference / event booking service on a national basis for corporates.
Let us HELP you to find the ideal venue for your next breakaway.

HDMI Events establishes the purpose, size and concept of the event. Thereafter we ensure that all elements of your occasion are considered, planned, booked and prepared. Our team brings a wide range of options through our creative, professional and reliable contacts and suppliers for entertainment, sound and lightning, décor and much more.


Client reference

Good Morning Wendy

Let me take this opertunity the express my thanks and appreciation for the succesfull execution of yesterday's event.

I was extremely satisfied and impressed with HDMI's professionalism and attention to detail that they have shown before and during the event.

As Numolux we looking forward to work with you in the future !

Kindest Regards

Skills, Experience & Capabilities

More than 20 years combined experience in the management of:

Conference & Event Organising
Venue Finding
Media Liaison
Sponsorships & Promotions
Advertising, Sales & Marketing
Human Resources
Speakers, Entertainment & Audio Visual
Accommodation & Travel (Excursions & Sightseeing)
Corporate Gifts and Prizes